Swatchliste Nagellack


Nail Artist Check Matte

Rojo Passion

Snow White

Barry M

White 336

Butter London

Fash Pack

The Full Monty

Two Fingered Salute


Colour Brightening Base Coat with Keratin On Top Of The Alpes

Crushed Crystals Call me Princess

Crushed Crystals Oyster & Champagne

Ex Pistols (Rocking Royals)

Holo in One (Luxury Lacquers)

Holo Manolo (Luxury Lacquers)

L'Orange (L'Afrique c'est chic)

Luxury Lacquer My Satin Ballet Shoes

Peacocktail (Feathered Fall)

Pink Pearl (Lala Berlin)

Pink Punk (Rocking Royals)

Plum me up Scotty (Luxury Lacquers)

Quel bleu turquoise (L'Afrique c'est chic)

Rouge bien sur (L'Afrique c'est chic)

Royal Blue (Rocking Royals)

Ruby Red (Lala Berlin)

Ruling Red (Lala Berlin)

Shade of Grey (Lala Berlin)


Rouge Noir


China Glaze

Gaga for Green

Colour Club

High Society




Always in my mint (Me & My Icecream)

Ben & Cherries (Me & My Icecream)

Fantastic Girl (Superheros)

Ice Ice Baby (Me & My Icecream)

Icylicious (Me & My Icecream)

Let's climb Mount Beauty (Mountain Calling)

Power Girl (Superheros)

Snow Alert! (Mountain Calling)

Super, Man! (Superheros)

The Awesome (Superheros)

The Incredible (Superheros)

Today is Fun Day (Mountain Calling)


After School Boy Blazer (For the twill of it)

Back in the Limo (Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low)

Bahama Mama

Belugaria (Encrusted)

Bottle Service (Neon Collection 2013)

Bump up the Pumps (Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low)

Cashmere Bathrobe (For the twill of it)

Chills & Thrills (Neon 2014 Too Taboo)

Cocktail Bling

Double Breasted Jacket (Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low)

Dress to Kilt (Dress to Kilt)

Fall in Line (Dress to Kilt)

Fierce, No Fear (Haute in the Heat)

Fiji (Pastell)

For the twill of it (For the twill of it)

Haute in the Heat (Haute in the Heat)

Ignite the Night (Encrusted)

I'm Addicted (Neon 2014 Too Taboo)

Jamaica me crazy

Jump in my Jumpsuit (Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low)

Leading Lady


Lots of Lux (Encrusted)

Mamba (Pastell)

Meet me at the Altar (Wedding)

My better half (Wedding)

Need A Vacation (Pastell)

No baggage please (Wedding)

On a silver Platter (Encrusted)

Over the Knee (Pastell)

Parka Perfect (Shearling Darling)

Partner in Crime (Dress to Kilt)

Ruffles & Feathers (Haute in the Heat)

Russian Roulette (Russian Roulette)

Sable Collar (Shearling Darling)

Serial Shopper (Neon 2014 Too Taboo)

Shearling Darling (Shearling Darling)

Sittin' Pretty (Neon 2014 Too Taboo)

Style Cartel (Dress to Kilt)

Sunday Funday

Take it Outside (Dress to Kilt)

Tart Deco

The Lace is on (For the twill of it)

The More the Merrier

The Perfect Cover Up (Dress to Kilt)

Toggle to the Top (Shearling Darling)

Too Taboo (Neon 2014 Too Taboo)

Turquoise & Caicos

Twin Sweater Set (For the twill of it)

Urban Jungle (Haute in the Heat)

Using my maiden name (Wedding)

Vested Interest (For the twill of it)

Vices Versa (Neon 2014 Too Taboo)


Warm and Toasty Turtleneck


Matte Nail Enamel M07

Matte Nail Enamel M10


Ocean Crush

Lush Lacquer

Green Genie



Bleached Blue (Acid Wash Effects)

In your Flesh (Stripped Nudes)

Lilac Rebel (Acid Wash Effects)

Ripped-Tide (Acid Wash Effects)


Dark Seduction (Hot Glam)

Models Own

Toxic Apple


My private Jet


Cool Grey (Here I am)

Courageous Purple (Here I am)

Elegant Ochre (Here I am)

Fruity Quince (Beauty Stories)

Gleaming Apricot (Beauty Stories)

Grande Dame

Lost in Paradise

Pinkish Purple (Far East)

Powerful Ivy (Beauty Stories)

Sensual Purple (Mirror Mirror on the Wall)

Sparkling Petrol (Mirror Mirror on the Wall)

Vibrant Chestnut (Beauty Stories)

Rival de Loop

Effect Green (Luxury Nail)

Plum Parade (Luxury Nail)

Sally Hansen

Belle of the Ball (Go Baroque)

Cherry Drop (Sugar Coat)

Chic Pink (Satin Glam)

Go Gold (Satin Glam)

Peach of Cake (Sorbet Soiree)

Sour Apple (Sugar Coat)

Sweetie (Sugar Coat)

wet n wild

I red a good book

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